Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday and Snow

I slept well until 5:30AM when I decided to get up. I had my oatmeal and coffee and Chai and fed the two cats that came for breakfast. One was mama cat and the other was big Yellow. I once again had to take the food out through the garage.  I sure don't want mama cat running into the apartment. And she won't move away from the door so I don't trust her. Strange...most of the time only the two of them come to eat. Sometimes the smaller yellow cat also comes.

After I had my breakfast and fed them, I realized I should be making my coffeecake so I got it in the oven.  Lelsie says we are having church this morning but told me to drive slowly.

Bob says his car is covered with snow and ice and he will need to scrape it off. I told him I would rather come pick him up. He walks with a cane anymore and is kind of unsteady on his feet. He doesn't need to fall..that's for sure. Finally he called me back and decided he would let me do that. I can pick him up under the canopy that covers their building front and he won't have to worry about falling. He won't be ready until 9:00AM though so I will get there a little later then usual. No big deal though. And I want to scrape off the walks at church myself.

More later...the coffeecake is done. It will need to cool before I ice it though.  It's only 7:45AM so I have plenty of time. I won't be leaving for Coffeyville until about 8:30AM.  It will take me longer to drive over there this morning because of the snow and ice. The highways are probably clear but the side streets probably aren't.  I think I will put kitty litter in my truck...just in case. I gives great traction.

More later...

My trunk was full so I didn't put the kitty litter in it.  Besides the bag had been opened. Steve opened it to use it to soak up some oil on the garage floor when I moved in here. I sure don't need kitty litter all over the inside of my trunk.

I got the coffeecake iced and just need to cover it with some saran before I leave.

It's 8:00AM now and I need to leave about 8:30AM or so.

More even later...

The highways were clear. Lots of traffic must have beat the snow and ice off.

I picked up Bob at 9:00AM ans we went out to church.  The budget business meeting went fine and so did the service. Considering the weather, we had a good attendance.

After church 12 of us went up to Independence to eat at Sam's. They specialize in fish. I brought home enough for another meal. I will warm that up in the skillet at noon tomorrow.

I got the minutes finished with Leslie's help and the congregational newsletter too.  I have five out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up tomorrow.

I called Nancy this afternoon. She seemed very down. Her son has hired a woman to check in on her and make sure she takes her meds. Her cousin saw to that. I will drop over there and take the Consumer's report Health Newsletter for her to read. I also will return her vase. My flowers finally looked pretty bad and I tossed them out today.

Three cats showed up at supper time and I fed them. There were both yellow cats and mama cat. When they finished, I brought in the bowls. I watched 60 Minutes and then took my bath. I went to bed about 8:30PM.  I was very tired.


Annsterw said...

That is a full day for sure! How nice of you to pick up Bob so he did not have to risk falling. Our roads are usually clear here also, not sure what the fuss is for snow tires...the trucks remove all the snow when it does come down. Have a great week! HUGS

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for visiting, Ann!