Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I woke up a couple of times in the night with my right leg itching. I couldn't see a thing there to itch but I put some anti itch cream on it...twice. It still itched.  Finally I took an antihistamine tablet. I hope that helps. The itching kept waking me up.  I never could see a thing to itch....a mystery! Maybe it is dry skin.

I am doing some laundry this underwear, p.j.'s  and towels. I may do some dusting with furniture polish later this morning too.

I will go over to Nancy's this morning about 9:30AM and be sure she eats something for breakfast and then I will lay out her morning meds to be sure she takes them.

I will check the "weather on the 8's" in a little while. After 6:30AM or so I will check if the cats are there for breakfast. It's only a little past 6:00AM now.

It's 6:45AM now and both cats were out there hungry for their breakfasts. I fed them and they are digging in. They didn't come for supper last night so I am not surprised.

I went over to Nancy's about 9:45AM and had her make some toast so she could take her meds, I stayed awhile but she was going to take a bath and put some clothes on and call David, her son.  I wanted her to do that so I made my excuses and left.

I will read my book. I worked on the puzzle for an hour this morning. Slowly, I am making progress.

More even later..

I worked on the puzzle until Marilyn  called and she me to take her to Bartlesville tomorrow to check out the blood test they took last week.

I got Laura to come check out Nancy in the morning, make sure she eats her toast or something  and  takes her meds.  In the morning  I will take Marilyn to Bartlesville to the doctor.  I will go check on Nancy in the evening. Laura will also come take care of that Wednesday morning so I can go get my hair done and go to game day at the senior center. It is 6:30PM now and in a little bit I will take my bath. I plan to read until 9:00PM when I will probably go to bed.

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