Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday and the Dentist

I have not had any trouble out of the tooth I broke last Tuesday. And it also lost the amalgam filling. Today I hope to see the local woman dentist and get that filling put back in. I cannot afford a root canal and a crown that's for sure and the last (and only) root canal I had was a complete disaster. The dentist I worked for at the time wanted to do a couple of crowns to hold a bridge the other dentist had done with an onlay and this dentist was having to re-cement it every once in awhile. As he was redoing the preparation, he got into the nerve by mistake and had to do a root canal first....then a crown.  A month later, the root canal he had done blew up and he sent me to a specialist endodontist out of Tulsa who met me at the office of a Bartlesville dentist. He redid the root canal and charged me $1100.

A few years later I developed an abscess on the same tooth and my dentist gave me an antibiotic to clear that up. Then he wanted to extract the tooth. The abscess had cleared up and I wanted to keep the tooth so against his better judgement, he complied. Several years later while I was at a church camp, it started hurting again and that dentist had retired so I went to the one in Coffeyville I had changed to and he extracted the tooth. That left me with a two tooth gap. The tooth had cracked clear to the gum line and had to be removed. It was a bicuspid tooth and couldn't handle two root canals so over time it cracked. This one is a bicuspid too. So I sure don't want another root canal. I couldn't afford one anyhow. It would have to have a crown too. And my Coffeyville dentist has retired too.

A dentist in Cherryvale made me a partial last year to replace the two teeth I had lost and that has been a blessing and it gave me something to chew with on that side of my mouth.. It only cost me $650. Now he is retired.

Long explain a mess. I hope I don't run into another one with my new dentist here in Caney.

It's 6:00AM now and I have been eating my breakfast. I have not had the weather channel on yet nor checked on the cats. Maybe I should do that.

Both Scruff and Blondie came for breakfast this morning. I guess Scruff  didn't completely give up on me coming back after all.

More even later ...

And so far the desktop computer is holding on to the far.... 


We finally got to see this lovely home over Thanksgiving!! 

More later...

I called the dentist office as soon as they opened and got a 10:15AM appointment. I am going to encourage her to smooth where it broke off and  and just fill it again.  We'll see what happens. It's 9:18AM now.

I actually got to see the dentist at 11:00AM. They were very busy.

After an x-ray determined there was no crack in the tooth, they offered only two options....extraction or a crown. I chose a crown. There wasn't enough of the tooth left to build it up for a filling. And I can't lose any more teeth. I need that tooth to eat. I transferred $1300. from my savings to my checking account. Since I am paying cash, I got a 5% discount.

My appointment to do the crown prep is the 9th at 7:30AM. They will put pins into what's left of the tooth to help hold the crown in place. The crown will be back on the 30th and I will go in that day at 7:30AM to get it seated. 

It's 4:06PM now and the sun is shining brightly. It has been lovely all day and I have read all afternoon...later I went to get a Mocha Crunch Blast at Sonic after I ate my leftover chicken salad from yesterday.  

I plan to go see Nancy tomorrow at the Green Country Village Assisted Living  in Bartlesville. I hope I can get in to see her.

More later...  

I spent the last hour sending out letters and bulletins to those who were not at church on Sunday. They need the announcements and the prayer list.  We have a couple of people who are in very bad shape.

Now I will go watch the evening CBS news and then take my bath. I plan to read until I get sleepy enough to go to bed and sleep. I slept well last night.

Perhaps more later... 

It's 8:00PM now and I will read until 9:00PM or even 10:00PM. When I get tired, I will go to bed.


Galla Creek said...

Sorry about your tooth problem. Biden wanted to add that to our Medicare but hasn’t succeeded yet.

Scott’s house is really beautiful.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, it is. And it's just as beautiful on the inside.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I am sorry for your tooth problem. I have, on the molar next to my very back one, a big cavity that I didn't even know about until a piece of my tooth broke off. Two weeks before my macular hole surgery was scheduled. The dentist said it could not be filled because there had been work done on the other side of the tooth and the filling wouldn't work, so I would either need a crown or to have the tooth pulled. The crown will be around $1000! He could not get it all done before my eye surgery, so here I am waiting to get a crown and praying the tooth doesn't start aching. I've had the surgery a month ago, but the gas bubble in my eye won't be gone for at least another 4 weeks or more. I can't get surgery before the gas bubble goes because I can't lay flat on my back or even far enough back for the dentist to work in my mouth. What a pickle to be in. We have dental insurance besides the pittance of coverage our regular health insurance covers, but I bet I will still be paying a huge amount to get it taken care of. Dentists really pull in the money and a person is really lucky if they find a good, honest, kind dentist.

Good luck with your dental work.

Margie's Musings said...

Mine will be $1353.75 and that's with a 5% discount for cash.

Kay said...

I'm so sorry for the dental problems you are experiencing, Margie. That is not fun.

Just want to explain about the spam publishing, etc.

All comments that are within 2 days of posting get published immediately on my blog. If the comment is for a post that is more than 2 days old, I must moderate (check) it before it will publish. You can choose that option in your settings.

Margie's Musings said...

I don't know where to find that option, Kay.I will just take my chances with your judgement