Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surprse Saturday

It's been a wild day!

I was on my way back from the Dearing post office when my sister's husband called this morning. I was then going to be on my way to the nursing home to visit my sister.

My brother-in-law had gone to see Phyllis and she was in a terrible mess. She could not walk. She could not feed herself and she had been up all night going to the bathroom. They were feeding her her breakfast because they needed to give her her meds, Her blood sugar was 293. She was exhausted. They were going to let her take a nap because she was so exhausted. The next time she needed to go to the bathroom, she refused to go and she soaked the bed. She was being very aggressive with them and she was running 103 temp.

They talked to her doctor and he wanted them to transport her to the hospital where they could get a definitive diagnosis.

So he and I met at the hospital at 1:00 and they soon brought her in to the emergency room. They catheterized her and took blood. Her urine was milky and had a lot of bacteria in it so they knew she had another urinary tract infection and they soon transferred her into a room...number 239. They have her on two antibiotics now. In the middle of the afternoon, her daughter Denise came in. She stayed with my sister while her dad and I went to have some dinner. Neither of us had had much to eat all day. We left sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 after he encouraged her mom to eat some dinner. She finally got drowsy and we left shortly before Denise. She was constantly trying to pull her IVs out and we had to watch her carefully. We hunted up the nurse and clued her in on the problem they needed to watch for.

Denise will come in in the morning and my brother-in-law will be in after church and lunch. I have a breakfast to fix before church for the Sunday School class and I need to make an apple crisp after lunch for the Living the Questions group that is scheduled to meet at my house at 7:00. Sometime after I get that fixed, I will go back up to the hospital to see how she's doing.

It's a mess. She very disoriented although she knows all of us just fine.

That was the bulk of my day. Poor Phyllis! She's been through so much!

My older son called while I was at the hospital waiting for my sister to be transported. He had bought a car and was going to have my truck detailed and put it on Craig's List.

It's a nice little Ford Ranger pickup. It's black and has automatic transmission and a bed liner and a bed cover plus it has a CD player and is clean. It has steps on each side. It has two new tires and a new windshield. I think it now has 100,000 miles on it. I am wanting to get $4500 for it. That's what the blue book says it's worth. It's not perfect but it's a 2000 Ford Ranger.


Balisha said...

Margie...You've had so much to deal with this year. Hopefully your sister is getting the care she needs. You lead such a busy life...Take care, Balisha

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry your sister is having such a hard time. I hope they get her problems under control at the hospital. Your truck sounds like a good buy. I hope you get it sold soon. I don't know how you do it all. Hope things get better.

Margie's Musings said...

I hope so. My sister is more like her self this morning. My brother-in-law dropped by before church.