Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday and No Particular Plan

It has been a busy week and I really am not sure what I will do today. I am considering going back over to Coffeyville for the $2.00 lunch at the senior center. It is ham and beans and cornbread and apple crisp. Sounds good and for $2.00 I could hardly go wrong. I could get some more gas while I was there too. My trip to Chanute took quite a bit.

I got up very early this morning and realized the schedule I had sent out for the Minister's Message needed a revision. So I got that done first thing and sent it to the Journal and Doug and Roy and Nichole.

I plan to go back over to Coffeyville on Sunday afternoon at 2:00PM to watch the documentary "An Appalachian Dawn" at the Coffeyville Reawakening headquarters at 115 West Ninth Street. It's an actual account of what a small rural community can do when people of all faiths come together for a common goal to revive a community.

I need to make up my bed and get my breakfast going right now and get myself ready for the day. I will get back to this in a little while.

I have got all those things done.   So I will add a little

Gay wanted me to g to Colorado with her in October but I have the Mission Center Conference and I want to go to that. Too bad she is going that particular weekend. She is leaving on Thursday and coming back on Monday,

I have read the Reader's Digest and since I have several more errands to run before I  have lunch at 11:00AM, I will go on over to Coffeyville and get with it. I need to return my other library book and get filled up again at Woodshed and also go back to the bank.

More later...

I took the book and also bought more gas. Then I went to the dinner. It was very good.

When I got home, I read the mail and then Suzanne came over and we went down town and went through a couple of thrift stores. I helped her carry in the things she was donating. She bought me a cherry limeade slush.  After I read the Reporter I took it over to Nancy's. I told her about my meeting with Bill Wade and the Coffeyville Reawakening committee. I intend to attend the film Sunday afternoon and Nancy would like to see it too so she will come to church with me and then afterward go to Great China with those of us who will be going. After that, she and I will go see the documentary at headquarters of the committee.

Then we will come back home.

That's the plan anyhow.

I have had my bath and am ready for bed. I will watch an episode of "Murder She Wrote" before I go to bed at 9:00PM.

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