Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday and Baking Day

I slept fairly well last night and got up earlier then usual since I had so much to do this morning. I dressed and made the bed and then baked the cake for the First Christian Church first. After that cooled, I baked the coffeecake and got it in the oven. When the cake was cool, I iced it. I am waiting for the coffeecake to cool now. I will put a glaze on it.

The cat and some of her kittens came and found me home and food in their dish.  They ate like they were starving. I don't know what they had to eat while I was gone. They missed food on Friday evening and Saturday morning. I fed them before I went to bed last night and again this morning.

The bank site was down last night and Keith and Esther's deposit wasn't in there when they finally got it up again this morning. Hopefully by Monday they will have it in there. Keith said he made the deposit on Friday. If it wouldn't be so much trouble, I would switch banks. This one seems to have a lot of down time.

More later...I will go put that glaze on the coffeecake.

I got over to the church at 9:00AM, opened the doors and cleaned up the few dead bugs. Then I made the coffee and cut the coffeecake. I also put the cake in the freezer.

The service went well. I had quite a bit of coffeecake left. I will take some of it to Nancy this afternoon.

Phyllis and I went to Just Us for lunch. I took her back to the church to get her car afterward. Then I came back home. I never did vacuum. I will do it tomorrow.

I took the newspapers to Nancy with her coffeecake. I visited with her a bit then came back home.

Jerod never did call me today but that's alright.  I texted with him quite a bit yesterday afternoon.

I am watching the Chiefs and the Raiders game waiting for the 60 Minutes program to start. After that, I will take my bath at 7:00PM and get ready for bed at 9:00PM.

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