Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday and a Poor Night's Sleep

I slept poorly last night. I found myself kind of weak and trembley after giving blood.  I drank quite a bit of water last evening. But still I felt weak. When I got up in the night it was a little better. I am continuing to drink water this morning.

Bob A's younger sister, Louise, died Wednesday night. I haven't heard when the services are to be held. I didn't know her. There were 11 children in that family. Two are left.

I will be going back to Coffeyville at 11:00AM. I will leave here at 10:30AM.  They have their $2.00 luncheon today. That gives me a chance for some more fellowship too. Asbury Village cooks the meal and then donates the money to the senior center.

From there I may go up to Independence to their Walmart store.  I wanted some sweet and sour chicken yesterday and Coffeyville's Walmart was out of that. I am hoping Independence still has some. I also need Braum's milk. I will stop there too.

Then I will come on back home.

More later....

 But after two weeks of riveting public hearings with numerous Ukraine revelations, it’s not enough yet to persuade Trump’s supporters to vote to remove him from office, an AP analysis concludes.

I am not surprised  at all. Trump supporters are determined to support him even with all the evidence.

What do you know! Nancy came over. She stayed a while. Then she had a hair appointment and had to leave.

I watched the news until 10:00AM and then started for  Coffeyville for lunch. I got there in plenty of time but I wanted to stop at their Dollar  General store first anyhow. 

It was a very good lunch and only cost $2.00. After lunch I went up to the Independence Walmart to get the frozen meals I couldn't find at the Coffeyville Walmart store. Then I came on back home, picked up my mail and read the paper...such as it was.

Then I had an e-mail from Glenn Couch's son saying Glenn had died last Wednesday in his sleep.

I worked the rest of the evening on the classmate's list and the deceased classmates list. I am running out of ink for my printer again. 

It's time to watch the news again now and later I will take my bath and get ready for bed.


Kay said...

Gosh! I haven't given blood in such a long time. I guess I should one of these days. I don't think I've been affected in that way when I've given blood before... but I was younger then. I'm sorry for all the sadness you're going through.

Donna. W said...

I can’t give blood because I had hepatitis A years ago... I think. I had the symptoms and was jaundiced, although not terribly sick, and 3 weeks later my husband had a severe case; the doctor wanted him in the hospital, but we didn’t have insurance and Cliff refused. At least he was diagnosed. I’ve always hated that I can’t give blood because of the hepatitis.

Margie's Musings said...

I quit giving it several years ago But when it got so rare , I decided to start again.