Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday and A Trip to Tulsa

Leslie got hold of me at bedtime last evening and asked me what I had on my calendar  I had done everything on my list on Thursday except stripping my bed.  I knew I could do that on Saturday. She wanted me to go with her to take the little puppy to the Tulsa airport and she could get him shipped to Colorado to his new owner.. I was delighted to go with her.. She needed me to hold the little critter while she drove. She came by shortly after 7:00AM  and let him out on the grass to let him pee iif he wanted to do so. He didn't want to so I picked him up and climbed into her SUV and we got on our way..

She had to have him there three hours ahead of time. He whimpered on the way until I turned him around so he could see Leslie and I pettted him and told him what a good dog he was. Finally he settled down and was fine. When we got to the airport, I took him out on a leash to try again. No response this rime either. Leslie got him loaded into his crate and then filled out all the needed paperwork and in time, he was on his way. We visited with a woman who was a breeder and she gave Leslie some tips on the faster way to get everything ready. She gave Leslie her business card. She had been a breeder since the 1960s so she seemed to know all the ropes.

After that, we did some shopping and then went to Olive Garden for lunch. Then we started for home.

He was a darling Corgi pup. They only have one left and they will take him to Hays on Monday after next. They will meet that new owner half way. They live in the Denver area.

John  is to have cataract surgery this Monday in Bartlesville.By the next Monday he should be back to normal and can go with her and she can hold the pup while he drives.

When I got home I had a message from Walgreens that my prescription was ready . So I made a trip to Independence and picked that up, went to their Walmart for a few things, bought some stamps at their post office, and stopped by the Dairy Queen for my weekly blizzard. Of course, that broke my heart! :)

More later....

Later I fed the cats their evening meal, watched the news and then took my bath. I watched and episode of "Murder She Wrote" and after that, I went to bed. at 9:00PM. It had been a big day 


Kay said...

I do enjoy going to the Olive Garden. We don't have one in Hawaii, but I liked the unlimited salad and soup in Illinois.

Margie's Musings said...

It's too bad they don't have an Oliver Garden there. I love to eat there