Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday and a Dead Desktop Computer

I slept well last night even though it was very cold. I woke up only once during the night and then I got right back to bed and back to sleep.

I got up at 5:00AM as usual. I had my oatmeal and also the coffee and Chai and then went into the den to check the e-mail. The desktop computer was dead as a door nail. I had been having to reboot it several times a week because it was freezing up. Now it is completely dead. Luckily I still have the laptop Scott gave me and the notebook Keith bought me. I will have to get Cox Complete Care to hook up the laptop to the printer though. Otherwise I won't be able to .print anything off..I have much of everything backed up on the exterior back up Keith gave me that is attached to that desktop. I hope it is still saved. I will plug it in to the laptop's USB port in a little while and see if I can access it.on this laptop.

I fed the cats too. They ate as soon and as quickly as they could and then took off to look for some kind of shelter. Their water was frozen solid. I took some more out there but that is probably frozen now too. 

More later...

I am going to have to have Cox Complete Care set up the backup too. I didn't know what it was asking for when it asked "where" to back it up When I plugged it into the USB port on the desktop computer several years ago, it worked just fine and I don't recall having to do anything else like finding a location on the PC that could access it. And I may have to bring the printer in here in the dining room to hook it up to access the laptop so I can print from it.. I don't know what I will do with that dead desktop computer either unless I take it up to the attic to store it. You can't put electronics in the trash.

More later....

Big  Update! After I got that desk top computer taken apart and stored in the attic and in my spring/summer closet, I plugged in my shredder to shred some stuff and it would not work. I had no power in that den plug. So I contacted Suzanne when I couldn't figure out which switch it was in the breaker box and Steve remembered it was not in the breaker box at all. It was a little button just under the garage attic light switch.

So I went out to the garage and pushed that button and voila! I had power. Unfortunately I had already taken apart the desk top computer and put it away. It had been giving me a lot of problems anyhow. I was having to reboot it about three times a week to keep it from freezing up. I had hooked the printer up to the laptop Scott gave me when I couldn't find where I had put the notebook Keith bought me last year.

I then got hold of Cox Complete Care and one of their techs downloaded a new driver for printer and the Dell laptop and got it working. Unfortunately I have that laptop and the printer in my dining room now, While I was getting the desktop computer unhooked, I accidentally broke the USB Wireless Adapter for the den computer  Leslie had installed that for me when the Cox router signal couldn't get to the den.(two rooms away) and I had no signal for that computer.after I moved in here.

After I got the desktop computer put away I went back to searching for that notebook Keith bought me last year, I finally found the notebook. .It was on a shelf in my fall/winter closet..If I can get it hooked up and working again, I will use it for my laptop. I already have the auxiliary drive hooked up to the Dell laptop as well as the printer. It will be much easier to use the notebook for my laptop computer.

What a day!  I hope it doesn't get any more complicated.

This has been an horrendous day. I have been on  Cox Complete Care nearly all day, I haven't eaten all day since breakfast. First they helped me get the printer set up on the laptop computer and had to download a new driver to do that. Then I set up the notebook to use for a laptop computer.  The mail wouldn't work so I contacted them again and they got that working. Then I couldn't get into this blog on this notebook. I managed to resolve that by myself. I couldn't even get into it on the laptop. They wanted my password. I have had this blog for decades. I didn't have a clue what the password was after all these years. I finally found a password update place and they texted me a number to prove who I was. That finally worked. What a mess though!

I will watch an episode of "Murder She Wrote" after I take my bath. It's 6:55PM now. By then it may be my bedtime. I need to re-bandage my toe again. I took the bandaid off my finger. It's just too hard to do anything with a forefinger that is bandaged.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will pick up Bob in the morning for breakfast. Then I will get gas at Woodshed and then go to get my hair done. After that, I will come back home. There is no game day tomorrow.

More in the morning...



marlu said...

After I read your post this morning, I thought about your "broken" computer. Sometimes classes at a community college will take one for their students to work on. Now that I have read the second part, that isn't necessary.
You are so much more computer savvy than I am. Most of the things you do sound complicated. I know - it's easy when you know how! Our son, Paul, has taught me a lot but there are so many things I don't know!

Sister--Three said...

I get nervous when stuff doesn’t work right. I just want to “buy new”.

Kay said...

I do live in fear at times that my desktop could die. Arrrghhh... That would be awful!

Margie's Musings said...

They tell me they all have a short life. The companies want to sell more computers and much of the time Windows 10 crashed computers. They take a huge amount of memory. All the tecs I know, including my son, hate it.