Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday and a Cold Wind

It didn't snow last night but there is a real cold wind this morning. I think Alexa said it was 37 degrees but with that wind it feels a lot colder.

I slept well again last night. There's something about the two afghans over my legs that helps. The forefinger on my right hand where the nail tore did not hurt last night either.

I have dressed and had my breakfast already. When I opened the front door at 5:40AM, the gray mama cat was there waiting for her breakfast. So I filled three bowls, anticipating the other cat and the kittens would soon be there too.

I don't have a plan for today except to go out to Dollar General again after 8:00AM and buy some more cat food. These are very expensive cats, considering how little company they are. They go through a bag of cat food about every day and  a half. I just feed them morning and evening but they still hang around hoping for more. Kylia told me yesterday that they opened the door to go out one day and the little yellow kitten/cat raced into their apartment. They had to catch it and put it out.  This winter it will be very cold and all they have for shelter is either under the vacant house catty cornered across the street from here on State or the laundry room directly across the street to the north. That laundry door is off the hinges. Their garage door also hangs askew so they can go in there too.

I had a text from Leslie this morning saying that my nine year old great granddaughter, Maia, had a program at the elementary school here this evening at 7:00PM. Depending on the weather, I may attend.  Shes sent me a brochure Saturday to sell me some magazine subscriptions and I bought two. That is supposed to allow her to win a t-shirt she wanted.  I didn't know what size to designate though. Both little girls are small for their age. Maybe I can find out a size this evening. The order is in the mailbox but there is no mail delivery today since it's Veteran's Day so I could steam open the envelope and designate a size.

More later...

Well, yesterday's mowing was a waste of time! The neighbor across the street's tree has blown all it's leaves over on my yard after I mowed up all of them yesterday evening and bagged them up.  He has none on his yard. The wind just scattered all those leaves on mine. How disgusting!  Well, I have learned something about trying to keep my front yard looking good in the fall.  It's impossible!

Bob says they got a little snow over at Coffeyville, I looked out here and we have none.

More even later....

Later in the morning a light mist began so I went on out to Dollar General and bought some groceries just in case I get socked in here.  I put some beans on to cook and bought some cornbread mix and I plan those things for tomorrow. I also bought cat food and a few other things I thought I might need.

Then I came home and warmed up the cashew chicken I brought home from Great China yesterday and had that and some iced tea for lunch. I also bought some trail mix and ate some of that too. It was a good lunch. Tomorrow I will stay in and have my cornbread and beans for lunch..

I read all afternoon. The weather got colder and colder and the wind blew viciously.

Finally I texted Leslie and begged off of getting out in the weather. She was fine with it. She knew it was brutal out there.

I watched some Amazon Prime and then  watched Bull and after that I went on to bed at 9:00PM. I was very tired...

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