Saturday, January 11, 2020

Saturday and a Very Cold Snowy Day

I slept well last night with the rain and all. I still got up at 5:00AM. I dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee and Chai and then checked for the cats. Two of them were out there wanting breakfast. After all that rain last evening, they never made it out for supper so they were very hungry. I had to go out through the garage to feed them. They were right up against the front door and would not move away. When I finally got their food out there, they ate voraciously. When they were finished and left, I brought the bowls back in.

I watched the weather all morning until 8:30AM and then turned off the TV to check this blog. I would like to go to the library to get another book but am not sure I should get out with all this snow on the ground. Yes, it started about 8:00AM and is really coming down hard now.

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And my watch battery quit again in the night last night.  It has only been lasting about six months at the most. I had Mr. Cantrell, the jeweler, put the last one in. I was thinking maybe Walmart was putting old batteries in my watch. Cantrell charged me $10.00 for his battery and it didn't last any longer then Walmart's.  When I can get out of town the next time, I will get Walmart to put another one in for me. At this rate, it may be next Wednesday. Two of our members come from Neodesha, seven from rural Independence and four from Coffeyville. I am the only one from Caney but it may be too treacherous for me to drive to church tomorrow. There is at least an inch out there already and it is still really coming down.

More later...

It's snowing even heavier now. Now even the grass is covered. We may all get snowed in today and not be able to get out at all tomorrow morning for church.  The weather here says there is heavy ice under this snow.

More even later...

I finally noticed people were out driving and the snow had stopped.  I got out and went to the library and took back yesterday's book and checked out three more. I read one of them this afternoon.

It is 5:30PM now and I will try to watch TV. again.

I watched TV until time to take my bath at 7:00PM and then read one of my books until 9:00PM when I went to bed. I have slept much better since I started sleeping with that little stuffed dog.  I miss sleeping with Missy, my cat.


Kay said...

I hope your roads won’t be too dangerous.

Margie's Musings said...

Right now they are clearing some, Kay. I will just play it by ear tomorrow.