Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wedneday and Snow

I woke up about 5:00AM this morning and then shortly after that I got up and got ready for the day. It was not snowing much at that hour. I had my oatmeal and the last piece of coffee cake. I also had my coffee and chai. Then I checked with Bob about 6:00AM. He had just woke up. He did not want to get out for breakfast and I didn't think he would.

Four cats showed up today. Big Yellow Tom and mama gray were first then smaller yellow showed up and another of the younger grays.  I had to hunt up another bowl for number four. Mama gray will not share her double sided black bowl.

When it gets light, I will start for Coffeyville and will only have my hair done and return those library books. Then I will come on back home. I will not make a trip out to their Walmart this time. There will be no bunco today with all this snow.

I will drive carefully on my way over there. It's 7:10AM and almost time to leave. It is getting light out there.

More later....

While I wa son my way, my son, Scott called and when I told him I was on my way to Coffeyville in a snowstorm, he suggested I notify Leslie what I was doing...just in case. So I opened my phone to "messages" and used the mike to tell her about my trip.

I drove 35 miles pr hour all the way to Coffeyville and had to run my wipers to keep the windshield clear but everyone else was driving 35 miles per hour too so no big deal. I first went to the bank and got some money. I also checked to make sure Toni had made it in and she had. She was at the gym working out. So since I had plenty of time, I went by the library drop box but the city had it blocked off so I couldn't use it.

The library was still closed so I decided to go out to Walmart after all and get my juice and a couple of coffee cake mixes and pecans.  I got that done fine and dropped by the library again to take my books back. They were closed until further notice due to "inclimate weather". So, I couldn't return my books. I went on to Toni's and stopped at the Daylight Doughnut shop there and had hot chocolate and a roll. By the time I had finished, Toni was ready for me so I got right in for my color and haircut.

Then I came back home. The roads were pretty much cleared by then and so I had no trouble driving 55 miles per hour. Now I am waiting for the mailman. It is 11:15. I texted Leslie to tell her I was back home. This time she did reply.

This afternoon, I will read. I have the three books I got from the Caney library yesterday.

The mailman just came so I will go see what I have...if anything!

More later...,

About 2:00PM I ate a chicken pot pie from Schwans. Pretty good eating. I also had a Twix ice cream bar afterward.

I just got a newspaper and some junk mail. I read until 4:00PM this afternoon.  I am 3/4 through the first book I got from the Caney library.

I will watch the news until 7:00PM. It is 4:50PM right now. There really isn't anything I am interested in on regular TV.

At 7:00PM or so, I will take my bath and about 9:00PM, I plan to go on to bed.


Annsterw said...

Safe travels to your appointment and errands Margie. No cats today? I am so happy that we do not have your snow here - hopefully no more! HA! Have a great day!

Donna. W said...

We got very little snow yesterday, and I don't think today's snowfall will amount to much either. At 11:30 today is the big victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, which I will be watching on TV at home. I'm proud of our team, but have no desire to freeze to death while getting trampled by a crowd and having beer spilled on me... or other random things that happen in such a scenerio. And I'm only 25 miles from that mess. I told Cliff this would be an ideal time for some crazy person to show up wanting to shoot a lot of people... and after saying that, I said a silent prayer that such a thing won't happen and that everyone will get back home safe and sound.

Margie's Musings said...

Good for you, Donna. Better safe then sorry.

Yes, Ann, four cats showed up today early before I left for Coffeyville. I had to find another bowl for number four.

Two gray cats (mama cat and her nearly grown kitten and both Big Yellow Tom and the smaller yellow kitten).....sister or brother to the young grays. I have had no occasion to be able to check for their sex.