Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday and Vacuuming

I slept well until shortly after 5:00AM when I finally decided to just get up. I had my sleep out.  I have dressed and had my breakfast of oatmeal and a breakfast bar and coffee and I am having my Chai Latte now. And I had three cats come for kittens this time. Scruffie and two yellow cats came. I don't know where the yellow and black kittens were. They usually come and eat too along with their mother, Scruffie.

I have written my check for my car insurance and apartment contents insurance. I have it ready to go in the mail today. I put it out on the mailbox and put the flag up so Charles will take it when he delivers the mail today.

Next month is my car registration and tag. I don't know whether I have to do that by mail or online or whether the tag office in Coffeyville will be open. I will check that out before August when it is due.

I will vacuum today and perhaps do some laundry.

More later...

I have watered my plants and swept off my little patio. My neighbor had trimmed his yard and the grass piled up under the gate all over my little patio. I got a broom and swept it into his yard.

Leslie sent out a text asking anyone with a computer or smart phone to download so we could meet together as a congregation that way and at least get to visit and have the fellowship. Unfortunately, that leaves out anyone without a computer or smart phone. There are about six in that situation.

More even later. I had better get something done before 8:00AM when the CBS news comes on.

I played my game waiting until the CBS news came on. While I was doing that, my granddaughter, Ashley, called and we talked for two hours. She was upset with her father and had not been speaking to him for some time.... since January.  She was very angry. I heard her out for the first hour and then attempted to reason with her. I told her the anger was going to make her sick. The only person who is really hurt by anger that they cannot let of ... is themselves. I told her she only has one mother and one father and if something happens to her father during this pandemic or even afterward, she will not be able to forgive herself for holding the grudge. In the meantime, her anger has led her seek professional help. That doesn't seem to be helping and I told her the only way she was going to be able to get past her anger is to decide to forgive him and make up with him. I told her about an experience of my own that I resolved that way. After we hung up she contacted her father and they spoke for the first time in months, He called me and was so happy to have had that resolved that he choked up. Needless to say, I missed the CBS news. No problem, that resolution is far more important. 

Then I vacuumed the apartment....all but the dining room.  I will do the dining room tomorrow. It is quite a mess to do. I have to get the chairs out from under the table to vacuum that room. Then afterward, I will dust again. I also mopped both floors..the kitchen and the bathroom.

Suzanne told me yesterday that after the pandemic is over, she will let me choose some new flooring for my kitchen and bathroom at Lowe's.The linoleum in those rooms is badly worn. It is probably the original flooring. I am so pleased about that. However, it will probably be awhile before the pandemic is over.

The Schwan's man came and brought my ice cream bars. I didn't order anything else this time. I have lost three pounds and would like to lose another three to five so I will have to ration the ice cream bars. Sitting around all winter and spring has taken a toll on my weight. I need to get it off if I can. I miss the mowing but I just can't do it this year. That one year made all the difference. I will be 85 in December.

More later...It is 3:50PM now.

I turned off the TV  after the CBS news and read until I finished my book. Then I came into the den and played FreeCell again. Then I took my bath at 7:00PM or shortly afterward and played the game until bedtime.

I haven't seen the cats since early morning. They didn't come for supper this evening and only one yellow cat came at lunchtime. I haven't seen the two remaining kittens all day.

Well back to my game. It's only  8:15PM so I have awhile until bedtime.

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