Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday and A Laid Back Day

I slept well last night. I have been sleeping with my stuffed animal, a Shar Pei dog Scott gave me after I took Slinky for him and it reminds me of sleeping with my cat, Missy. I sleep better that way. I slept with Missy for almost 16 years.

I got up this morning and dressed and had my oatmeal breakfast with coffee and Chai Latte. I fed three cats this morning. They were determined to push themselves into my front door so I went out the garage door and took their food out that way. After they finished, I brought their bowls in again and will keep them in the apartment until it gets dark this evening. That way I don't lose any more bowls.

After the post office opened , I took all 62 of those class newsletters in and mailed them off.  That;s finished now for another year.

I washed all the bare floors this morning but didn't vacuum. I will do that in the morning.

I washed all the bare floors today but didn't vacuum. Instead I read the rest of my library book. I finished the book about 3:30PM. and went out to Sonic to get a small Blast.

I thought I had better catch up this blog before I get too far behind.

It's a little after 4:00PM now and I will go watch the news for awhile.

More later.... I just learned this from our Mission Center President:

Leslie Brooks, Congregational Financial Officer and co-pastor at Crossroads Community of Christ, located in rural Coffeyville and Independence Kansas  has been appointed Chief Financial Officer  for the South Central States Mission Center of the World Church of the Community of Christ. South Central States Mission Center is the largest Mission Center in the church.
Leslie is very gifted with a knowledge of the financial business of the church and is currently the Area #3 Financial Officer, CFO of her local congregation, Business Manager of Ozark Reunion #2 and Treasurer of the Ozark Camp and Retreat Center Board of Directors. She has an extensive operating knowledge of the Shelby and Paycom business operating systems.
Leslie has a deep and abiding faith and is a gifted leader.

Leslie is my daughter.... I am very proud of her!!

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