Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night and got up shortly before 5:00AM. I dressed, made the bed and had my breakfast and fed four cats. Scruffie is always sitting outside the front door anything after 5:00AM. I only saw the yellow kitten this morning and not the black one. One of the adolescent cats came too.

I have been watching the Channel 6 news. CBS News comes on at 8:00AM. I will watch some of that before starting my dusting this morning.

I have watered my outside flowers and deadheaded them.  I will water them again this evening before I go to the food pantry.

I polished the furniture in the bedroom, dining room and den and it really shines. I did the living room last evening.

More later...

I went out to Sonic and got a small Blast. It had been awhile since I had one. And I needed to get some change for the mowing on Sunday. I won't want much for lunch now...that's for sure. I will forgo my usual ice cream bar too. The mail will be coming within the next hour. I am hoping my book will come soon. I am out of anything to read and without my Amazon account, I can't order a free Amazon book.

More later...

I finally heard from Nancy. She called and wanted to go to lunch so I went over and picked her up and we went to Sonic and picked up a hamburger and french fries and root beers. We took the food home and ate it at her kitchen table. We had a nice visit and then  Sandy came and stayed at least an hour. I really needed to get back home because I have to be at the Food Bank at 5:30PM and that is only two hours away.

It was obvious Sandy wasn't going to leave so I decided I needed to leave and get something done this afternoon before I go to the Food Bank. I will get home sometime after 7:00PM and take my bath and wait until 9:00PM to go on to bed.

I didn't last long. They had me counting families for each vehicle. I made it 30 minutes until the heat began to get to me. I told them I didn't realize I would be working outdoors and I couldn't  handle the heat. They  understood completely. I came home and got the water and started drinking it. I am sure going to need that bath tonight. After I cool down I will go take that bath. Right now I will watch an episode of "Dr. G". Then I will take my bath.

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