Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thursday and Vacuuming

I slept well again last night and got up around 5:00AM and dressed, made my bed and had my breakfast.  It's five minutes until six o'clock now.

When I opened the door this morning Scruffie and her yellow kitten were waiting for their breakfast. Now the black one is here too. They are all eating. When they finish, as usual, I will bring in the bowls. One of the older yellow cats is out there now eating so it may be awhile. The little critters generally only come to eat once a the morning. Some times Scruffie comes again. later in the morning... close to noon. They seldom come back in the then it's way too hot to be out there.

I will mop the bare floors and vacuum this morning after the news is all over.

The Tulsa news is on now on Channel 6. I'm not all that interested in their news but soon the CBS news will be on and I am more  interested in the national news.

More later...

I got the apartment vacuumed...all except the dining room. I also got the bare floors washed.  I fixed myself a frozen dinner and had an ice cream bar too. Then I finished that little dish of watermelon Suzanne brought me.

The I watched several episodes of "Dr. G". That's pretty interesting.

I may drive by Nancy's and see if she is home now. I tried to call her earlier but there was no answer,

I drove by Nancy's, stopped in front of her house and called but there was no answer. She must have been out at Dale's house.

Well, I will just watch some more TV. That's about all there is to do.

More even later...

I heard from the Food Bank today. They desperately need workers for the evening time tomorrow. I will work from 5:30PM until 7:00PM. I will wear my face mask during that time. It will give me something useful to do instead of just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

I am watching the Channel 6 news now and waiting for the CBS news at 5:30PM this evening,

I cannot get into my Amazon account today. They have locked me out of it. It wouldn't accept my password the day before yesterday and again today. I tried to log on so many times they locked me out for the day. I will try again tomorrow morning. I need another free book and cannot get one while I am locked out.

More later after the news...

I watched the news  and then a couple of  "Dr. G" episodes from Amazon Prime. Then at 7:00PM, I took my bath and played some games of Free Cell on the laptop computer in the den.  I also dusted the living room with my new dusting cloths.  At 9:00PM or shortly thereafter I went on to bed. I will dust the bedroom tomorrow.

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