Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I got up shortly before 6:00AM this morning and have had my breakfast after I changed my bed. I have the sheets in the washer but have not started it yet.

I has four cats waiting for their breakfast this morning. Scruffy and her two kittens and one of the yellow cats were very hungry this morning. They have stopped eating now but are sitting  out front looking across the street. As long as they are still here, I will leave the dishes out there.

The yard looks very nice and soon I will go out to trim. We have an 85% chance of rain today and all week long. We can use it and it may cool it down a bit.

More later....

The cats are all gone now so I will go bring in the bowls.

I didn't see Pablo going to work this morning  so he may be taking off work today. Kylie is gone so he has no transportation unless he calls his folks. I taped a note on his door that if he has an emergency and needs help or a ride to the clinic, I gave him my cell phone number. Kylie is still at her mom's I guess.

More later...I had better go trim.

I got the trimming finished and it is just beginning to sprinkle so I got it finished just in time.

I started the laundry now.

I am watching the CBS news. So I will get back to this later.

It is starting to rain now so I got that trimming finished just in time. It;s 8:25AM.

I watched CBS news until it went off at 10:00AM and then turned the  TV off.

I will work on my laundry and play FreeCell for awhile.

And that's what I did. I got it all folded out and put away.

Lunch was a frozen meal and an ice cream bar. The mail came but nothing very important came except a letter from Medicare that I can use for proof of coverage until my new card comes..  It will be 4 weeks until it comes. Somewhere in changing purses, I managed to lose my Medicare card.

I watched a program on TV after playing some FreeCell.

So more later....It is 1:45PM.

I have been on the phone with Amazon for two hours trying to get my problem with access to my account fixed. I will know within the next 48 hours whether Andres was able to help me.

What a mess this had been for two weeks now. It is 4:22PM now and I have spent the afternoon trying to find someone to help me.

More later...

 I ended up playing FreeCall for awhile and listening to Alexa play music until 9:00PM when "Bull" came on the TV. It was rerun, of course, but I had not remembered how it went so I watched it again. I went to bed at 10:00PM

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