Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday and Another Boring Day

I woke up about 3:30AM this morning and from then on it was back and forth. Finally about half past 4:00AM, I just gave up and got up. I have dressed, made my bed and had my breakfast. I haven't looked out yet to see if I have cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast. I am still working on my coffee. Maybe I had better do that. The poor things are so thin. I am sure they need their breakfast if they are out there.

More later....

Sure enough, there were four hungry cats/kittens out there waiting for their breakfast. I took out the double bowl and the two blue bowls. The little black kitten is still out there eating from the double bowl. The others must have finished and gone back to their lair. I don't see them out there.

I see the two kittens are back and still eating. The adolescent yellow cat is back too.

I was hoping to have the yard mowed tomorrow afternoon/evening but I see we are forecast for scattered storms tonight. That may postpone the mowing. I hope not. With the rain we had earlier this week, it has really grown.

More even later.

Sure enough, Scruffie and her little yellow kitten are still out there just lying on the walk.

I don't know what I will do today. The apartment is clean and the laundry is done and I have no idea what I will do today. If I could mow, I would go ahead and mow the yard. But it's just too much for me this year. Blast it! I could really use the exercise.

I put gas in the mower and blew out the garage and blew off the mower. I have watered my plants and put new hummingbird feed in the feeder. I don't know whether hummingbirds are still around or not. But I am prepared if they are. The grass is still  too wet to even try to mow. It's 9:40AM now. Maybe it will dry later.

More is still very early.

I have been playing FreeCell  for awhile and it is 10:45AM now In another hour and a half, I will have lunch. Maybe I will see if Nancy wants to go to Independence with me and then have lunch. I may just drive by her house to be sure Dale and his wife are not there. When they are there, they answer the phone instead of letting Nancy answer it. That would be so aggravating to me.

More later...

Sure enough, I called Nancy and Gina picked up the phone. She said Nancy is having trouble with her stomach again. Gina thinks it is nerves. Who knows. She has had stomach problems off and on ever since I moved to town. If it rains, it is her arthritis that bothers her. Sometimes it is diarrhea instead of her stomach.

More later..It is 11:00AM now and I will watch for the mail. About 11:30AM, I will eat my frozen lunch.

So, more later.

The mail came and I got some political ads and my Coffeyville Journal. I also got the refund from Sherry Epp from my cancelled tour of the New Theater in Overland Park that we had to cancel this spring.

I decided to try to mow my yard  myself. We are forecast for a chance of rain tonight and I was afraid it would look terrible if I didn't get it done today. I got around the yard three times before my neighbor from the south came over and told me he was going to mow his tonight with his riding mower and he would just come over and do my front and west side afterward. He didn't think I should be out there at 1:30PM mowing and he said it would be no problem to do mine. He said I could do the back later on this evening when it is cooler.

I thought that was very good of him and I could tell it was hotter then I thought. It is 82 degrees out there and I didn't think that would be too bad.  Unfortunately after sitting around all spring and most of the summer, I have lost my stamina. I think I could do it and I had water out there with me but I probably should just let him do it.

I had already contacted Krystal and she had the girls lined up for it but I will save my $25.00 if I can let the neighbor do the front and side and I can finish the back this time myself.

Keith and Esther called and told me they would have to cut back on their deposit for me. I have been wondering if they shouldn't do that, Keith is not working overseas where he made the big money and they need to make a change. I think that is fine. I have enjoyed the money but I have been trying to decide how to approach them about their deposit in my account. I was afraid it would embarrass them if I brought it up. I was glad they finally did it.

More later...

I got the back yard mowed and it wasn't bad at all. I was winded when I finished but I drank some water and sat down and that made all the difference. It was 86 degrees according to my phone. If I went back to mowing it myself on a regular basis,, I would have to do it in area at a time. I may do that. Paying the girls is $100.00 a month and I need to watch my money closer. It's almost 4:00PM now and I will go watch the news and get back to this later.

Ryan Rose, my neighbor to the south, came over late this afternoon and mowed my front and west side with his riding mower. I went out and mowed the back with mine. That worked out fine.

I baked my coffeecake for them. I put it in the oven at 350 degrees just like always but the oven didn't heat. It just barely did and I had it set on 350 as usual. So I turned  it up to 450 and the element got hot. After it got real hot in there, I turned it back to 350 again. It must have baked well over an hour. I just knew it would be ruined. I took one piece out and tried it and that piece was fine. I hope the middle was fine. I iced it and took it over there.  She seemed very happy to have it. I was glad I baked it. I just hope it was done all the way through.

It is 8:00PM now and I have had my bath. In about 45 minutes, I will go on to bed. I didn't sleep worth a darn last night.

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