Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday and Nothing Planned

I slept well again last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast and am working on my coffee right now. I don't have anything planned for today. I may just read. I need to get some breakfast bars and some instant oatmeal. I am getting low on that. I need to start a list I guess. 

I haven't really looked out yet. It's supposed to be plenty hot this week...up in the high nineties. I dread that. 

I also need to see if there are any hungry cats out there.

It was the same blond cats that have been coming to eat. Scruff and Blondie. I took them out two bowls...the double dish and one of the clear plastic bowls. I will need to get cat food the next time I am in Independence or Coffeyville. They both have an Orchelon store.  That's where I buy my bulk cat food. I used to get Meow Mix at the Dollar General store but then I was feeding four cats. Now it's down to two most of the time. Every once in awhile the neighbor's blond cat comes to eat. But it's their pet and they need to be feeding it. 

I will need to water all my flowers this morning, I am keeping them healthy and blooming because I water all of them every morning.

I am so glad I got the trimming done a couple of days ago. The yard will need to be mowed by no later then Thursday. I will not be able to do any of it because it's to be so hot. I will need to get Krystal's daughter to do it.

I got all the flowers watered.  They are going to need it this week. It's going to be a scorcher.

I went to the market and bought breakfast bars and  instant oatmeal and water.

I read after I turned off the news. 

My Kindle needs charging again and so I plugged it in. I may try to call Nancy today. I may eat lunch first. It depends on whether I can reach Nancy. If I can't, I will eat one of my frozen meals. If I can, I may take her some of the Apple Brown Betty from yesterday evening. 

So, more even later...

I did take some of the Apple Brown Betty to Nancy and then came home and had as frozen meal for lunch. I then polished off the rest of the Apple Brown Betty.  

I made an appointment at 2:00PM with Charles Schenck, the agent that did the presentation at the senior center in Coffeyville a couple of weeks ago. I had the supplement to my Medicare changed from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Lumino. Blue Cross/ Blue Shield costs me $330.21 a month and I only go to the doctor twice a year. Lumino will cost me $140.25 a month and $20.00 every time I go to the doctor...twice a year.  Then if I go to the emergency room, it's $50. and if they enter me in the hospital, they write that $50 off. It sounds like a real good deal to me. I hope they accept me.

I was charging my phone and noticed Keith had tried to call me.I called him back and we had a real good visit. We talked for twenty minutes.

More later...

I read all evening and then watched the news I had recorded before taking my bath at 7:00PM. Then I went on to bed at 9:00pm.



Kay said...

I'm always so amazed at all you do, Margie. You are an inspiration.

Galla Creek said...

That 320 is a big chuck of you check.

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Kay! I don't feel like an inspiration.

And, yes, Sister-Three..that is a big chunk on money. Considering I only go to the doctor twice a year and take only a blood pressure med and a thyroid med, that's a lot of money!