Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tuesday and Another Boring Day

I slept well last night and once again, was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast and coffee and am working on my Chai Latte. I haven't checked the weather or the cat situation.

I have had a ton of information from the Lumica company I want to change my Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement to. I am going to call the agent who I applied with yesterday afternoon after while and find out if I have to read that ton of information. I went to an agent to have it all explained to me so I wouldn't have to deal with reading a book of information. I thought he explained it very well and was quite concise.

He called the company and informed me I had been accepted. I called Blue Cross/Blue Shield and had them make June the last month they take the $330.21 out. The new company will start taking their $140.25 out in July.

I went online this morning to find out what my gas bill was. They had their billing all messed up and did not send a bill this month. I found what I was looking for online at their site and scheduled the payment for tomorrow.

I should go check the weather and the cat situation. So more later... 

I just had the same two cats out there waiting for their breakfast. Scruff and Blondie. They have eaten now and are gone from in front of the front door. I should go bring in the food.

I brought in the cat food and watered my flowers and found something neat!

My first lily has opened!

 May be an image of African daisy and outdoors 

I am so pleased! There are several more that should be opening right away now!

I went to Independence to pick up my thyroid prescription and while there, I had a woman at Walmart remove the battery from my notebook so I could replace it.  Then I went to Coffeyville to pick up my blood pressure prescription. I get the blood pressure med from Medicine Shoppe in Coffeyville for $10.00 for a three month's supply and the thyroid prescription from Walgreens in Independence for a three month supply for $18.00. I simply can't beat the prices for those. 

Then I came home and ordered a new battery for the HP Notebook Keith bought me three years ago at Walmart in Independence... from Amazon for $19.99. I will get it tomorrow. I should buy a new battery for the laptop that Scott gave me too but I leave it plugged in all the time. I use a USB plug to receive the signal back here in the den.   

More later.... 

I didn't have sound on my phone and missed several calls. When it was checked, I learned that when I rebooted the phone, I accidentally pressed the sound button on the other side of the phone. What a stupid mistake. That's a first for that.

I went over to Nancy's this evening. We visited awhile and she asked me if I would like to go to dinner at Eggbert's. I took her out there and while we were still in the car, Dale, her cousin, called to say David was much better. They were getting him out of bed and on his feet. He wants to talk but still hasn't gotten to that place yet. But he is much better. Nancy is relieved about that. Gina, Dale's wife, is out there now so Dale and she should get more updates from her. I came home about 7:00PM and took my bath. I will go to bed at 9:00PM. I am pretty tired.


Galla Creek said...

Oh, I love the flowers.

Margie's Musings said...

I do too, Sister-Three!!