Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday and Church

I slept well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have made up my bed and myself and had my oatmeal breakfast and am working on my coffee. I am dressed and ready for church. My granddaughter and her husband and children will be there.I will suggest we go over to "Just Us" for lunch after church. It's a buffet with a huge selection and only $10.00 and that includes dessert.

In a little while, I will go watch the weather and look after the cats..if there are any there.I seem to be down to two most of the time and three on a good day. Scruffie and Inky are both gone...and only Scruff and Blondie and sometimes the neighbor's yellow cat, father of the yellow cats, come for meals anymore. 

More later...I want to check the weather.

The local weather  only comes on on the 8's. I just missed it. But when I opened the door Scruff and Blondie were the only two cats out there so I took the double bowl out and one extra bowl. They appear to have eaten and are gone now.  I will go out in a bit and bring in the bowls.

The weather just came on and we are due for some 91 degree weather with 95 later on Monday. It's supposed to be 98 by Friday. Wow! I won't be doing any mowing and will get my 15 year old mower to mow it this week.

More later...

There was a very small congregation at church today. I was very glad my granddaughter and her family were there, That helped a bunch!

I took them to "just Us" and paid for their lunch. Phyllis and Karan went too (but I didn't pay for their lunch :)). The kids were going to go back to their motel room and rest and then go to the Walmart Store right across the street from their motel. At about 5:00PM they are coming to visit me and see my duplex.

I am baking an apple brown betty nownd will serve it with vanilla ice cream after they come. Hopefully they will like it. Everyone I have ever served it to has loved it. Their younger child is kind of a picky eater. Some are like that. Leslie was the world's worst.:)

More later.... 

They came about 5:00PM and I served them the Apple Brown Betty with the vanilla ice cream. They seemed to love it. They stayed until 7:00PM. We had a nice visit.

After they left, I read awhile and then played the 60 Minutes program I had recorded.  I took my bath and will read until 9:00PM when I will go on to bed. It has been a big day.


Galla Creek said...

Glad you have company again.

Suemn said...

We just had our last of the 90 plus degree weather as of today. We had 9 days in a row and I am glad to see it go:) I am sure everyone will love your dessert. I just made an apple crisp the other day and keep it in the fridge so it can be eaten for a few days without going bad. I've got the ice cream to do with it too. ha! Enjoy your visitors!

Ugich Konitari said...

How do you prepare Apple Brown Betty ?