Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday and Church

I slept better last night. I got up about 5:00AM after I heard a loud bang right outside my bedroom on the west side of the apartment. I got up and dressed and had my breakfast and when it got light I went out to see what all that noise could have been.  I couldn't see a thing that could have caused it.


I got the coffeecake baked as muffins this time.  After they baked and cooled I glazed them.  Then I loaded up my car with everything I needed to take to church.

The sermon went alright. I am never really happy with them but I need to stay at it.  It's something I can do so I will as long as I can.

We ate at "Just Us" at Cherryvale..Bob, Phyllis and myself. We had a good nourishing meal with dessert.

Then I came home and got my newsletters done and out on the mailbox with the flag up.

Then I watched some of the programs I had recorded. After all of that, it was after 7:00PM and I needed to feed the cats again and get my bath done so I will be ready for bed at 9:00PM.

Another big day!

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