Saturday, January 28, 2023

Saturday and Dusting

I slept some last night but not really well until around 4:45AM, I just gave up and got up and made my bed and dressed for the day. Today I will dust the apartment and then go over my notes for the sermon tomorrow. I feel poorly prepared. I have so much going in my life...and lack of good sleep, I don't know how it will go. I will just do the best I can and hope to be taken off the schedule altogether eventually. Leslie told me to take a break for February.

I did find a coffeecake mix at the market yesterday. So I will fix that as usual and if I have any left I will take some to Nancy on Monday when I go down to take her shopping for some clothes that will fit her. She has gained 20 pounds living there in assisted living and eating that "heavy in calories" food they fix.  

Next Wednesday I have Bunco at the senior center in Coffeyville at 1:00PM, after my regular hair appointment. Toni, my beautician, wants me to come at 8:30AM that Wednesday. I will take a book with me and read at the Coffeyville library after my hair appointment until time for that Bunco game. 

Then Thursday, that Thursday, the next day after that,  is my hearing aid appointment in Tulsa... at 11:45AM. Leslie will take me and take all my prerequisites....the copies of my bank accounts.....4 copies of both my checking and savings accounts, and the letter I got from social security telling how much social security I have for this year. We will also take the copy of the e-mail that Morgan Cardosi sent me,  telling that I have qualified for the Neighbors in Need program and Leslie has already paid the $300 for the appointment for the program. Morgan is in charge of the program in this area.

So I have a lot on my mind. No wonder I have trouble sleeping.

More later...I will go check on the weather and the cats.

I caught the weather as soon as I got the TV turned on so I grabbed my phone and took  a photo of it.Then I checked on the cats and Blondie was the only one out there. It was 6:30AM and I was just in time to feed him too. He has finished and is gone now. I will leave it out there a little bit, just in case Scruff comes to eat too. If she doesn't come soon, I will take it back to the garage and cover it.

Now..the weather.. Today will be 59 degrees and partly cloudy Tonight will be 24 degrees and 40% chance of rain, Sunday is to be 28 degrees and cloudy, Monday is to be 25 degrees and mostly cloudy, and Tuesday is to be 32 degrees and cloudy, Wednesday is to be 41 degrees and Mostly cloudy, Thursday is to be 44 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday is to be 47 degrees and sunny. It's 39 degrees now and brisk outside.

Scruff never came so I will take the cat food back to the garage and cover it again. I take it back, when I went to the library and I got back, she was there so I was glad I left that cat food out there.

More Later....

I spent a couple of hours going over my sermon for tomorrow.  I am not completely satisfied with it but I will work on it.

I went out to Copan Restaurant and had their  chicken pot pie special for my lunch. It was very good.

Then I went out to John and Leslie's to see the new Corgi puppies. There are 6 of them and they had their tails docked yesterday. There are five males and one female. Two are already sold but they can't be delivered until they are 8 weeks old.

More Later...

At 7:00PM. I will take my bath and read until 9:00PM when I plan to go to bed.


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