Saturday, April 1, 2023

Saturday and Reading Again

I slept very well last night...was up only once in the night and took my two meds.  I slept later then usual, Was not up until 6:00AM and made my bed dressed and got myself ready for the day. I will check my checking account  and then check on the weather and the cats. They may be out there waiting for me to open the door and bring out their food. It's 6:34AM now..later then usual.

Scruff was out there waiting for her breakfast. No sign of Blondie yet. I took her food out to her. I was back just in time to catch the weather forecast. Today is to be 67 degrees and sunny, tomorrow is to be 73 degrees and partly cloudy and windy. Monday is to be 73 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 83 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, Wednesday is to be 60 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 59 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 64 degrees and partly cloudy. No rain in the next week and we need rain!.

More Later... 

I watched the CBS news until it was over and then I read until I finished my latest book and then took it to the library and dropped it into the book drop for their used book sale.

By then, it was noon and I drove down to Copan and went to their Copan Restaurant and had their small chef salad for my lunch. 

Then later I stopped by Mr. G's and had their small butter pecan flurry for dessert. 

Then I came home and checked my mail. I had no mail yet but the mailman was in my neighborhood so perhaps I will get something later this afternoon.  I will see. I could take my walk this afternoon. It appears to be 53 degrees and it would be warm enough to be comfortable.

More Later..

I never did take my walk. In fact, I read most of the afternoon. I got my City of Caney bill in today's mail. and I did pay my City of Caney bill and put it and the check in the box reserved for that at the city hall. 

Then I read all afternoon on another of the books Denise gave me.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and put my pajamas and robe on and will read some more until my bedtime at 9:00PM or thereabouts..

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