Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sunday and Church

 I was lying in the bed this morning, thinking of getting up when the doorbell rang. It was 4:58AM so I got up and put my robe on and went to the door. By the time I got there, no one was there except Blondie and the grey cat and I knew they hadn't rung the doorbell. I was already up so I just stayed up and took the cat food out to them. Every once in awhile, that happens. Maybe twice a year. It's a mystery to me. There has never been anyone there when I open the door... except the cats.

I will get dressed and get myself ready for church but will begin by making my coffee cake. I take that each week for the breakfast at church.

More Later...I want to get dressed. 

I got dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have the coffee cake in the oven and not far from being ready. I also fed two cats. 

I also caught "the weather on the 8's".

Today is to be 57 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow is to be 57 degrees too except sunny,  Tuesday is to be 56 degrees and cloudy, Wednesday is to be 59 degrees and sunny, Thursday is to be 69 degrees and sunny, Thursday is to be 68 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, and Friday is to be 69 degrees and AM cloudy and PM sun. Saturday is to be 58 degrees and partly cloudy.

That's it! No rain in the week's forecast

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